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Can I change VR games at any time?

Yes of course. You can change and also try games in our VR club as much as you want, it will not change the cost.

Can I change escape room at any time?

For each booked hour you can play only one escape room.
But if you finish the escape room fast, you can play the rest of the time in vr games.
When your book a night session, you can play 4 escape rooms.

What is the maximum number of people that can play in your club?

There are 4 headsets in our VR club, but we are visited by companies of 8 or even 12 peoples, so in this case, you can play one by one. Users will be able to see what is happening in the game on the big screens, comfortably seated on nice sofas and armchairs.

Can I come to you without an reserve?

It will be much safer to reserve time in advance since there is a high probability that all helmets will be occupied.

At what age i can play in VR games?

from 12 years old

Can I drink alcohol before the game?

No, it is better to abstain from alcohol before the game. Administrators have the right not to let play the game in a state of intoxication.

Can I play in a virtual reality headset with glasses for sight?

Yes, because our VR headsets allow you to use glasses of almost any size.

Can I hit myself of a wall or floor?

We use rubber covering on the floor and also we have a soft covering on the walls. You will be completely safe.

Can I leave personal items somewhere during the game?

In our virtual reality club, there are special lockers for secure storage of personal items.

Do I need some special clothes for the game?

No, but we recommend comfortable clothes and shoes, as these are active games.

Do you follow the hygiene of helmets of virtual reality and controllers?

Yes of course. In our VR club under the helmets, we use disposable hygienic masks, and we regularly disinfect the controllers with an alcohol solution.

Are VR games safe for sight?

Yes, according to a research by a Google employee and computer vision scientist Changyin Zhou, our helmets are safer for sight than even mobile phone and tablet screens.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Is it safe for pregnant women?