Our gift card is nice to receive as a present for everyone - this is a whole world of new impressions and emotions! The owner of the gift card will be able to play alone or share the game time with several friends and play in company up to 4 people!

Choose your gift card

This is 60 minutes of full immersion in incredible and exciting virtual worlds. Our administrators will gladly guide you and help you do not get lost.
Ideal for 1 person.
The cost is 250 UAH.

This is 120 minutes of drive. You can come together and find out what joint immersion means. We have many Vr games where you can’t do without partner support.
Ideal for 1-2 people.
The cost of 500 UAH.

It’s 240 minutes in VR worlds. Come in the company of friends. Arena battles, adventures, puzzles and more await you.
Ideal for 2-4 people.
The cost of 1000 UAH.