VR team building

Our virtual reality club is a great choice for team building or corporate party!


We have VR games, VR and physical quest rooms for every taste, composition, and size of the company, both team and competitive games, and the whole event will be held by our experienced administrators!


We have 4 headsets in the club and 2 physical quest rooms.

VR only

We are ready to host companies up to 12 people. In VR, a simultaneous game is possible for a team of 4 people, the rest of the teams at this time can discuss their progress or monitor the game on the monitors, and when it comes to their turn to show what they are capable of, the change of team takes place based on 25-30 minutes one team when playing in VR games and 60 minutes per team when playing in VR quest rooms.


VR + physical quest rooms

Here, a simultaneous game is possible for all 12 people, since in addition to VR helmets, we also have 2 physical quest rooms

VR only

We are ready to organize an event at your place.

VR is ideal for weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, and other event options.

We will come, install everything, test everything and all the time we will help and guide your guests in virtual reality. Your guests will be able to see the entire process of the game on large monitors. Depending on the number of helmets and the planned number of people, we will try to come up with the ideal entertainment format for you.

For example, when you order only 1 headset – short introductory dives for mass events are suitable, short outdoor games are ideal for a birthday.

When you order 2 headsets, we can organize competitions or team mission..

You can order up to 4 VR headsets.